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Design Your Next Career Move
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Design Your Next Career Move

Whether you are job-hunting, switching fields or industries, transitioning into a new engineering field, looking to increase your salary, or taking on a leadership role, our career design resources will help you discover & prioritize your options, position yourself for competitive advantage, and master the interviewing process so you can get that new role and create lasting impact.

Articles from 'Design Your Next Career Move'
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Workplace Wellness: Make Your Office Life Healthier

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Top 10 Most Transferable Job Skills For Engineers

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5 Resume Deal-Breakers That Could Disqualify You in Seconds

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Deepen Your Expertise

ASME has the tools you need to succeed. Stay on top of technical trends and the latest industry advancements with the resources to solve today’s problems while preparing you for tomorrow. Dive deeper into technical content, learn soft skills to enhance your professional growth, or improve performance in your current role. 

Articles from 'Deepen Your Expertise'
6 Ways Solar-Powered Technology Blends into Everyday Life

6 Ways Solar-Powered Technology Blends into Everyday Life

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5 Creative Applications of Additive Manufacturing

5 Creative Applications of Additive Manufacturing

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Five Ways Drone Technology is Improving

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Fast Facts About Today’s Labor Market 


It is estimated that most people will have twelve jobs during their lives


The median number of years workers stay at an employer


91,300 new jobs expected for engineers over the 2021–31 decade


Engineers have a median annual salary of $95,300—more than twice the median wage for all workers

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We hope that you’ve been exploring this sample of benefits ASME Membership has to offer – from exclusive content to networking opportunities and career resources. Discover how ASME can support you throughout your career in mechanical engineering. 

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1 - Digital Career Development Resources are available to access 24/7


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3 - Ask the experts directly with live Q&As during monthly webinars, later made available to watch on-demand when it best fits your schedule


4 - ASME’s members-only magazine helps you stay up to date on emerging technologies and includes access to a digital issues library


5 - Join established networks by geography or industry interests through your local ASME Professional Section and selected ASME Technical Divisions


6 - Save money while staying relevant through special member pricing on ASME conference registrations, journal subscriptions, and book purchases


7 - Earn CEUs and/or PDHs with complimentary access to six (6) self-study professional development courses per membership year (valued at ~$250)


8 - Forge connections and jump start your career within ASME’s professional community to glean best practices and thought leadership from your peers


9 - Quarterly R&D Pulse editions spotlight cutting-edge research from top ASME technical journals, offering exclusive insights into the latest trends and their implications


10 - Take advantage of opportunities to expand your influence and shape the future of engineering with ASME volunteer and leadership positions


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